Graduation Requirements

Career & Tech Ed

0.5 Units of Credit

Consumer Ed

0.5 Units of Credit

Driver Ed

0.25 Units of Credit


4.0 Units of Credit

Fine Arts

0.5 Units of Credit


0.5 Units of Credit


3.0 Units of Credit

Physical Education

3.5 Units of Credit


2.0 Units of Credit

Social Studies

2.0 Units of Credit


7.25 Units of Credit

Total Credits

24.0 Units of Credit


  1. Two years of writing intensive courses are required by the State of Illinois. At least one of these classes must be in English. Classes which meet this requirement will be so identified in the course offerings guide.
  2. Physical Education – The principal/designee may allow students in grades 11 and 12 to substitute other elective courses for physical education courses if students request this action for any of the following reasons:
    1. for ongoing participation in an interscholastic athletic program (see Board Policy 7300);
    2. to enroll in academic classes which are required for admission to an institution of higher learning, provided that failure to take such classes will result in the student being denied admission to the institution of his/her choice; or
    3. to enroll in academic classes which are required for graduation from high school, provided that failure to take such classes will result in the pupil being unable to graduate.
  3. Mathematics – Three years of mathematics are required. One of these courses must be Algebra I or higher, and one must include geometry content.
  4. Social Studies – One unit of credit in U.S. History must be earned as part of the two units of credit required in Social Studies.
  5. Driver Education – The classroom phase of driver education is required for graduation; the behind-the-wheel phase is not required. This graduation requirement may be met by the student documenting successful completion of a driver education program offered by a state-accredited private driver education school, however, high school credit will not be granted for such completion.

Additional Requirements

  1. Be enrolled in a minimum of six courses for credit during each semester they are enrolled in the district. The principal may waive the six-course requirement, on a case-by-case basis, if the needs of the student are best served by such action;
  2. Be enrolled in an English course during each semester while enrolled in high school;
  3. Pass a qualifying examination covering the proper use and display of the U.S. flag, American patriotism, and representative government as shown in (1) the Declaration of Independence, (2) the U.S. Constitution, (3) the Illinois State Constitution, and (4) voting procedures.
  4. Meet statewide assessment requirements as determined by the Illinois State Board of Education.